The” Luminéoles,” imaginary illuminated birds with graceful wings, dance in the wind, bringing a light and a poetic atmosphere in the air. As they take off, they spread colors across the night sky. Enchanted, spectators will be fascinated by this aerial ballet.


Elegant and majestic, the great fishes shimmering scales float into the sky for a dream flight, their colorful and changing skins illuminating the sky. As if the elements could mix, air becomes like water, the spectator is drawn into contemplation.


As night falls, rising towards the heavens, giant dragonflies appear in the sky. Their gigantic wings protect this fragile world. In a mating ritual, they dance with the wind, giving a spectacular ballet.


Delicately suspended, “les Amours en cage”, bright lanterns with delicate curves, illuminates the path of the spectator. With their lace fabrics, they play in the light, like stars suspended in the sky. It’s an invitation to fantasy, a meeting with an imaginary world, the spectator falls into poetry.

Crystal sphere

Protected by a crystal sphere, plants with sparkling delicate curves unfold their buds and flowers. In this wonderful setting, the light draws a unique universe. Glowing nature and fragile flowers reveals themselves to the amazed spectators.


Duckweeds appear on the surface of the water, a path is created with light on a silky lake. In a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere, light spreads and stretches, to the sound of music. The public strolls along gazing.

Live music

Musical accompaniment by solo, duo or trio, is provided for each show.

Piano, violin and cello or oboe lull this fantastic world with a melodious and captivating music. This is a fantastic and lively presentation in a magical world.


Characters of light wander during this wonderful journey through a fabulous universe. They give life to this magical world, guiding the viewer on a poetic path, like a story, written in everyone’s imagination.